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Benjamin has worked with all manner of professional companies so you know that you will be getting the absolute highest quality of work.

The piece was terrific fun, very hard to play but accessible and memorable. It really alerted me to the way Ben writes – melodically unconventional, a fearless user of extreme dissonance, hints of retro here and there and references to 90s culture.

Huw Williams


…they so much enjoyed Benjamin Vaughan’s work for solo cornet  Ar y Mynydd Prydferth Cymreig  (On the Beautiful Welsh Mountains) that they offered to publish it as well. A colourful, programmatic piece in three movements, depicting scenes of Welsh mountains, valleys, caves and an encounter with a legendary red dragon, the composition is great fun both to play and to hear.

Review from The Bell 2012

Stainer and Bell

Ben’s enthusiasm for music is infectious and the work produced by the children as a result is extremely impressive.

Gareth Dacey

Head Teacher, Cwmclydach Primary School

Vaughan’s ‘Into the Air’ was an exceptionally well written piece, making the most of the sumptuous chord changes and instrumentation of the ensemble.

Jessica Ruth Morris

Journalist, Western Mail